Betrayal & Forgiveness 

Where do I start?  Who is truly trustworthy?  I heard a statement a couple of years ago which went something along the lines of sometimes we meet people for a season - a short season or long season, or sometimes, just for a reason. That stuck with me and since then, many people have come into and subsequently gone from my circle of influence.  Some I have known and loved for a long season and others for a shorter season.  I can remember many years ago, a leader in our church movement took me aside and told me that I needed to let people in.  This was something I struggled with. However, I took this man's advice and tried hard to let the people get close.  

Has it been easy?  Well I guess you know by know, if I ask a question in my writing, there is probably an answer and in this case, the answer is no.  Do I bear the scars?  Yes, you guessed it, I sure do.  Do I regret taking advice?  I'll try to let you know when I am clear on that one!

Time after time, I slowly begin to trust and time after time, the betrayal comes.  So what do I do?  I have to look at the life of my Saviour and see He knows only too well what is was like to be betrayed, not only by the religious leaders of the day, but also one of His closest friends.  Betrayed by a kiss. A kiss!  So why do I find it hard when people have said 'I love you my friend' and then the turn their backs?  Well, Jesus knew He would be betrayed, and yet, He kept on loving Judas.  Ouch, that's hard.  Does that mean I still have to keep loving those who have let me down?  Does that mean I have to try to love new people and give them the chance to get in?

Well, on the cross Jesus did say 'Father, forgive them, for the do not know what they are doing.' Even those causing such pain and suffering, even to death, He kept loving and asked His father to forgive them, so I guess I have my answer, but I have to choose.  I have to choose whether to sit and lick my wounds and wallow in the betrayal, or do I stand in forgiveness.  I choose forgiveness, and in case you want to know, I am choosing forgiveness each time the pain comes back.  It is not a one stop fixes all, it is in the present continuous tense.  Now Keith would be proud that I am quoting one of his sermons about asking God and keeping asking in the present continuous tense!  Thanks hub, I do listen! I love you and thank you for being my mentor x

I digress, but at this point, I choose to keep loving and to keep trusting.  Love conquers.  

Sharon Wilson, 02/06/2019