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Marching into the Promised Land on our knees!

A personal reflection on Sunday's service

Today was a perfect balance of bowing down and rising up.  The ever self-conscious worshipper I have never felt so okay with kneeling before God in church before...along with everyone else in the church who could I might add! For me there was no sense of piousness or ‘I’m so unworthy’, even though I fully appreciate I am, it was like how a child knees when listening to the teacher read a story during carpet time at school, completely at ease, engrossed and leaning in to engage more.  There was no rush to move from the moment as spoken and sung worship gently rose from around the church.  The sense of the glory of God was evident throughout and reflected in the Psalms that members of the congregation read aloud afterwards, Psalm 99 and Psalm 68.

Joshua 1 formed the basis of the sermon.  It spoke to me about being strong and courageous and assured of the power and mightiness of our great God being with us wherever we go and whatever we do, the God whose glory we had just revered and celebrated in our worship. We were lead to reflect on the amazing stories of the impossible becoming possible in the lives of the likes of Abraham and Sarah and the disciples establishing the early church. We were challenged on our motivation to reach out to others and encouraged to be bold and to trust God in order to do so. We were grounded in realism that sometimes doing God’s work is not easy, it involves waiting as it did for Abraham and persecution as for the disciples.  It was refreshing to think about stories such as D. L. Moody who came to faith as a result of the awkward obedience of a Sunday school teacher.  That teacher may never have been the greatest of evangelists and did not find the task easy but he led one great evangelist to faith that went on to impact a nation.  From the fervent ‘amens’ from a young person to nods around the room it seemed the message was applicable to everyone’s life as we all seek to do God’s will and work.

Today’s message was a massive encouragement to me personally and affirmed me in the direction that I have felt God has been leading me for a while now.  All things are possible for those who trust in Him and I need to be courageous and brave in pursuing his leading and ‘taking the land’ that he has said is mine for His glory!!



Miriam Dann, 06/06/2016

Steve (Guest) 24/09/2018 15:15
This is your personal experience which you share with us. The share their experience with us as well. Every person has different testing.

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