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Woman to Woman

How Awesome it is when Ladies get together and just 'be'!

It may seem strange to read what I am about to say, particularly if you have a stereotype in your mind as to what a pastor's wife should be, should do, or should say.  Well, I am not the average pastor's wife.  I am me.  I am who God has made me, and I seek to do what He wants me to do.  So here goes, ready or not...

The idea of ladies' meetings fills me full of dread.   I think it is safe to say that I am not a girly girl sort of woman.  Yes, I like, no, I LOVE shoes, yes I love having my hair done and I always wear make-up, but a stereotype, I am not!  I learned a long time ago, that God has made me, me.  He has gently led me to the realisation that I don't have to do what other people want me to do or to be.  I might be married to the Pastor, but that does not mean I have to be what others expect.  I am submitted to my husband, and we work together as a team.  So, with that in mind, please understand what I am saying.

I was absolutely delighted when Sally Park said to me that she felt God had laid on her heart to start a ladies' ministry.  I knew at that moment that something amazing was about to be born.  Sally, like me, is not conventional.  In fact, perhaps even less so than me!  So, even I, looked forward to our first meeting with anticipation - Ladies doing lunch!  Always good when there is food involved!  We arrived and it was so good to see the informal atmosphere and ladies from within the church and the community mixing together.  We chatted, we prayed and we were girls in His presence.  My most lasting memory was to hear Stella pray for the first time.  What an absolute blessing.  Thank you so much Stella for your obedience and humble nature.

So, having talked about stereotypes, I stand a humble hypocrite and say 'Wow, I loved it, and can't wait for the next one!'  God has something really special in store for His daughters here in Chippenham.  I hope you will come and join us for what promises to be a very exciting journey!!!


Sharon Wilson, 19/10/2014

Sally Park (Guest) 25/10/2014 20:39
So Sharon blogged! Further more she asked me if I could share my vision for our "Woman to Woman Ladies Ministry".....Vision what a word a tad scary and I'm not sure I have vision , however what I am sure about is that God led me along this path!
My vision, I pobably prefer the word desire, was firstly to serve God and give Him praise and glory and thanks for all He had and does do/done for me. I wasnt really sure how to do that. To me only important people did important things in the Church, I failed to see that I was important. To God I am important ( indeed we are ALL important to Him...YOU are important to Him).
I was asked a question about 18 months ago, it was " what is your plan? what is your vision?"
I have never been so scared of a question in all my life! I didnt have an answer , and in part, now I understand I didnt have an answer beause I didn't understand how to relate that question to me ....mere me , was I really suposed to have a vision? ...could I not just leave that to the Pastor???
Slowly as I grew in my faith, put more trust in God and yielded to Him things became a little clearer, however I still struggled to see what I could do that would make a difference or be good enough.
Quite clearly I felt God tell me to " Use what you have" . You see I felt I had to do something extraoridinary , new, even spectacular to develop this vision that I was meant to know about. ( I didn't know about it because up until the question was posed I had not sought God about it! )I didn't consider that as God had made me , he had already given me what I needed to develop this vision / desire. He had provided me already with the tools.
So what did I have that I could give and God could use? The answer? A desire to support others but women in particular,a desire to encourage women to achieve, to grow to stand strong and firm and to go out and make a difference ..... a desire for women to know the love of God know they are special, that they have worth and that they have a part to play in ministering to others, that they can make changes and bring others into the the kingdom of God.
So .....Woman to Woman was born!

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